Sit in the generous sunshine of summer —
          A bright blue sky overhead.
          Join millions of leaves.
          Join grasses and trees.
          Soak up the warmth from                          
          Pause in the generous sunshine  
          of summer.
          Look for a cool, clear brook.
          Rest in the shade
          That summer has made.
          Rest and refresh the soul.
          Bask in the generous sunshine of summer.
          Indulge in its timelessness — the quiet unfolding of nature itself,
          Abundantly giving,
          Abundantly living.
          Beauty transcends the earth, and leads to eternal worth!
—Peggy Ferrell

Christ's Church of the Hills
4809 Mariaville Road
Schenectady, NY 12306
July 2014
Rev. Susan Strang
Church Office: 346-1900
or 491-8135
E-mail Address:
Church Service at 9:30
July 12th 20 +/- of us will go for a ride together. Some will go ahead for lunch, others arrive at launch time 3:00, some will stay for dinner. Lena Becker’s  phone is 384-3793 if you have any questions.
On July 13th Merridy Aggen will be in worship with us to discuss the Prayer 911 project she is getting started. It is an ecumenical effort at praying with and for neighbors. Come with questions, come and see if this is something you would like to do.  Some will do the over the phone praying with those in need of prayer and others will receive alerts to pray for this person with that kind of need. The more the merrier.

July 14th the Trustees meet at 6:30 at church
July 22 the Session meets at 7:00 at church
July 29th the Deacons meet at 6:30 at Corinne’s
Country Fair is September 20, 2014
 Date          Greeters                                 Nursery                Readers   
7/6    Marion McKeon           Stephanie Carter                   Anne Levey
13     The Moran Family       Kim   Moran                  Cathy Quick
20     Harvey Nolan               Cathy Nilsen                Betsi Turner
27    John and Sandy           Nancy Migneault                   Greg Welsh
8/3   Nancy Marotta / Mary Gordon
Communion for August 3rd  Preparers: George and Kim Ciezkowski
This year again a CCH crew will be at Yates Village serving lunches to hungry kids. Thank you Corinne for organizing us for so many years.
If you have extra garden produce this summer, or know people who will, please bring it to the church. We will be gathering in all summer to share with neighbors at the Bethesda House food bank. Someone is in the office Saturday mornings from 9-11, bring it to worship on Sunday morning or other times by arrangement. Church phone 346-1900. Susan Strang 491-8135
July 15th marks our first time sending a crew to serve at the Regional Food Bank in Latham. So far 10 have signed up. They have sit down jobs as well as standing jobs.  The plan is to go once a month with everyone bringing their calendars so we can pick the next shift before we leave the food bank that night. This is of course on an as able basis. It should be fun and eye opening about this wonderful ministry.  If you want to know more details ask Bree Koetzner who goes once a week on her own.
Would you like to knit or quilt come prepared to learn and help. Thursday evening at 6:30PM. Or talk to Susan or Cathy.
We need several people to know how to manage the projector in church, Cathy Quick has done this work so far but in the long run she deserves a chance to just come and worship.  If you are willing to take a turn managing the computer during church please let her know. Training is certainly available!
Cathy is available on Saturdays to teach anyone interested. Call me at 495-6923 as to when you want to come.
Our meeting was held on May 13th. Rev. Susan Strang updated us on who was ill and needed our prayers. She also suggested prayers we could use when we visit the sick.
We updated our Deacon’s calling list. Sandy will type it up. Each Deacon will receive letters to hand out.
Norma showed us what she sent out in the care package to our college students.
We received one letter for camp scholarship.
It was voted on to see if we can offer Harvey Nolan money for refreshments for the open Mic programs.
Our next meeting will be held on June 10th.

Our meeting on June 10th opened with prayer by Rev. Susan Strang. Rev. Strang told us about people in our congregation that needed our prayers. She said Al McKinlay is at 58 River Ridge, 100 Sandy Drive, Amsterdam 12010.
We received two scholarship request for summer camp. It was decided to give each child $75. And Susan said she will ask JEM for money too. Our money will come from the Tulloch Scholarship Fund. I’m sure Dot and Ira would be pleased.
Thora reported that she will need more stamps. We all appreciate the work Thora has done sending out cards, etc.
Susan talked about giving garden vegetables to the Regional Food Pantry. We will start this project the middle of July to the middle of September. Times and dates to be announced.
August 10, Kate Nelson +friends will be doing the Church Service in our pavilion.
The church boat trip will be held on July 12.
Some of the Deacon’s letters have been sent out to their people.
E-mail and phone numbers were distributed to the Deacons so they can contact each other.
Next meeting will be held on July 29th, Tuesday. It will be a picnic at Corinne’s.


For several months now we have opened the church on a Saturday night and invited any who would like to perform to do so. We have had a nice mix of styles, mostly folks music, guitars, banjo, piano and even a saxophone.  It is a gathering of people from many towns all here for the love of music. Harvey Nolan and Barry Shepard are the driving forces behind this fun creative evening. We gather once a month.
Weekly income    $6,812.56
Interest                         0.18
Total                     $6,812.74
Budget                 $12,016.81
Escrow                          18.05
Total                    $12,034.86
Net Cash Flow     -$5,222.12

          In Rotterdam, a pastor was driving behind an older car when both were stopped by a red light.
The pastor noticed the car had a bumper sticker which read, "Jesus Saves."
          Curious, the pastor tried to see who was driving the car. He could only see that the driver was a young man probably in his early 20s. He also observed that hanging from the rear view mirror was a stuffed monkey, which bounced up and down.
          "Seems about the way we humans often are," thought the pastor to himself. "We put our monkey business up front and put the Lord on the back bumper of our lives."
Walking and prayer
with God.
 Presbyterian theologian Craig Dykstra observed at a recent symposium, “ You can know things on your knees that you can’t know sitting in a chair.” You can also “know” things while meditatively walking the circuitous path of a canvas labyrinth, which you can’t know sitting still. The very action of walking serves to still our thoughts, allowing space for God amid the usually jam-packed confines of our minds.
Well there is no way to put a canvas labyrinth in this newsletter for you to walk, and there are some of us that do not walk anymore. So instead try this.
Use your finger or a pointed object to prayerfully “walk” this labyrinth. Don’t use a writing instrument if you wish to use this path again. As you make a corner on the map, picture a home or someone you know, a school nearby, a church you know.  Let God guide your thoughts as you relax.
Labyrinth: Christian spiritual tool or New Age gimmick?
To begin, the labyrinth is an ancient tool for prayer and meditation, consisting of a winding path that begins and leads to a central space, and then out again by the same path, unlike a maze.
If you do not want to use a path to walk, then just go for a walk but remember to pray to God. Gauge your breaths and steps by using a scripture or hymn verse to mark your time, for example, “Lord, have mercy” on the breath in, and “Hear our prayer” on the exhale, This is a good way to take an otherwise non-Christian or secular practice and make it an act of Christian Faith.
  • Look into the faces of those people you may pass, greeting them with a smile. While saying silently to yourself “Behold the lamb of God”. Pray for the awareness of God’s presence in their lives.
  • If you pass a school, lift up a pray for students, teachers, and staff.  For the learning, excitement, love and peace, and that each person inside would be truly blessed.
  • Each home you pass, lift up families and individuals, those in conflict or alone. Imagine how you and others might be changed simply by praying “Bless this house” over and over again. It does not matter whether we know the inhabitants or not – God does.
  • If spotting a bird or rabbit or one of God’s creatures, thank Him for His gifts. The flowers and smells of nature. The air we breath.
Now that you have finished your walk remember to Thank God for everything you have. Ask Him to be with you and how you may help others as He may see fit. 

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